Something Maybe You Don't Know About Glass Tiles
2015-03-10 2:42:03 AM


glass tile

Mosaic is a good choice for home decoration. Tracing back to the age of ancient Greek, it became popular in the ancient Rome from when it became the favorite of the elegant people. Now, mosaic has changed its image as a coarse construction material into a symbol of the luxurious arts. And many small pieces of mosaic can bring people infinite imagination and creation spaces.


  • Glass mosaic tile


glass tile

A layer pattern of flower is put on the back of the plat transparent glass. From the front side, it looks like ceramics and from the side view, it is transparent. Glass mosaic tile, which can also be short for glass tile, has bright colors, but also possesses the obvious features of fragile and bad heating - shock.


Glass tile is widely used in the swimming pool, science and technology museum, theater, television tower, kindergarten, amusement park, bathroom, bars, clubs, etc… Its glowing effect is more prominent, especially when surrounding environment is dark at night and in the application on wall or floor of indoor.


In the process of design and construction, after the light of fluorescent lamps is shed on the building, it will be 

glittering like translucent jades, tranquil and secret, which adds supernormal mysterious color and infinite

romantic emotional appeal for the building itself in the darkness. 

  • Stone mosaic tile


stone mosaic tile


It is made of natural stones by special technology without any colorful chemical dyestuff. Compared with glass tileļ¼Œ it is bad in waterproof, acidic-resistant and alkaline resistant.


  • Ceramic mosaic tile


ceramic mosaic tile


It is applied a layer of uranium on the surface of the ceramic body, equaling to a small piece of tile. In contrast with the glass tile, It can be made in different glossiness and different colors, with the advantages of the ceramic, such as high strength, well obdurability and heat shock resistance, and it owns the damp proof, waterproof, wear-resisting features and it is easy to clean, which is mostly used in the outside wall, kitchen and bathroom.


  • Metal mosaic tile


metal mosaic tile


It has high hardness and strength,  well light-protection and finish, it is brighter but it must be prevented from scratching, and it is more expensive than the glass tile.


  • Shell mosaic tile


shell mosaic tile


It has smooth touch feeling, so it is closer to nature. After cutting, shaving, dyeing with special technology and waxing, nature shell is made into the shell mosaic with the high light-admitting, environment-protecting and colorful features.

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