While brightening a home, the bathroom is regularly done last, and once in a while is neglected totally. When you consider that the primary bathroom is prone to be seen by a large portion of your visi...
2016-10-12 4:29:54 AM
Even though you might not realize it, mirrors play a major role in our day to day lives. Not only with girls, but mirrors are needed by men as well to shave, as well as to groom themselves for their c...
2016-08-06 4:46:53 AM
When it comes to choosing their bathroom furniture and appliances, many people think there’s not much you can do to be original, fun and stylish, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Not only ...
2016-07-29 3:18:06 AM
A mirror is without a doubt, an essential item for a bathroom. Most people use a mirror just for its main purpose of looking at one’s reflection; but there are also people who make use of mirror...
2016-07-14 5:23:51 AM
While construction or renovation of a house, the least attention was driven towards the bathroom. People spend all their investment in making their living room, kitchen, bedroom and dining room attrac...
2016-07-05 11:41:42 PM
Before you randomly start renovating your bathroom, you need to have a proper plan and strategy. By plan and strategy I mean, you need to list down your budget and the required bathroom items. Once yo...
2016-06-14 4:23:33 AM
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