Let LED Lights Change Your Life for the Better
2015-03-16 8:14:18 PM

It  is  great  to decorate your home with LED lights. With these small sparkling lights you can make your ordinary home stand out. Now what you need is just some inspiration ideas. And here are some creative decorating LED products for your inspiration. If you want to buy relevant products, I can provide some websites of the products.It  is  great  to decorate your home


1. LED lighted acrylic stairs




When you walk down the stairs, you can feel the peace and harmony light in the living room. This LED lighted  acrylic stairs with no rails are designed in a curvy pattern, which look like a high ladder leading to the paradise.


2. Illuminated cocktail table




This color-changing illuminated table can bring a new experience to your outdoor party and there are 4 colors available for you to choose. You can change the color into red, blue, white or green light with the click of a switch. The LED lights are designed inside the base of the table, generating a mysterious and appealing effect. You can also turn the lights off in the daytime for power saving. Furthermore, this table is matched with a pair of lighted chairs.


3. LED mirrors

LED mirror

LED mirrors begin to gain more and more popularity in our daily life. They are illuminated by energy efficient LED backlit which are usually operated by infrared on/off switch. The simple yet elegant LED mirror has a shining halo light effect, giving your bathroom a modern new look. As we all know, mirrors can help to enhance the sensation of light and space in a room, so LED mirrors combined with those qualities will bring your bathroom a great contemporary improvement.


4. LED wall sconces



Do you really think that what you are looking at is just a gorgeous LED wall sculpture? If yes, you are definitely wrong. In fact, apart from as a decoration, it can also be used as a weather forecaster with a tangible user interface. The LED wall sconces are controlled by a small acrylic cube with icons on each side, each of which represents one lighting mode of the wall sculpture. When the side of the icon is facing up, the mode represented by the icon will be activated.

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