glass tiles

Cleaning after installation

Before purchasing, you must already know the pros and cons of different sorts of tiles.  After installation, your space may be full of grout, dust and debri...

2015-07-26 8:54:16 PM
glass tiles

Glass tiles are one type of mosaic tiles, but a little bit slight different from other mosaic tiles. Knowing the categories of mosaic tiles is better for your selection...

2015-07-19 9:18:40 PM
glass tile

Glass tile is a kind of decorative colored glass with small specification. Every part of the glass tile shall be printed with a logo on the surface of the package, with the name, date of production...

2015-03-10 4:52:37 AM
glass tile


Mosaic is a good choice for home decoration. Tracing back to the age of ancient Greek, it became popular in the ancient Rome from when it becam...

2015-03-10 2:42:03 AM
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