Those Intelligent Sink Faucets Make the Kitchen and Bathroom Smarter
2015-03-10 2:56:07 AM

sink faucets


When we mention the intelligent equipment, kitchen and bathroom are more likely to be ignored. Sink faucets may be one of the most unimpressive home supplies in our home and we believe that most of people only care about the material and valve quality of the faucet. In terms of the technology in those products, they may never expect a surprise.


However, since the internet of things technology has penetrated into every aspect of our home, transforming the unnoticeable sink faucet through the high technology is an inevitable choice. Some of high-tech sink faucets can help you save water, and some can keep the proper water temperature. In brief, they are really attractive.


  • Grohe Minta Touch


sink faucets


The first product is an intelligent sink faucet used in kitchen from Grohe. We have to touch the kitchen faucet everyday, which has become a customary mode in our daily life. But the Minta Touch sink faucet brings a new experience for people when touching the faucet. A kind of electronic device can be activated by touching any part of the faucet in stead of the traditional lever principle. Except for the unique aesthetic design, the best advantage of this sink faucet is its hygiene. Our hands often become very dirty in the process of cooking, but this faucet can guarantee its cleanliness.


  • Hansgrohe Axor Starck


sink faucets


Hansgrohe enjoys the equal popularity with the Grohe, also from Germany. The series of Axor Starck is not only beautifully shaped, but also can be supplied by built-in battery. It can also control the precise temperature.


  •  Pfister sink faucet with automatic sensing


sink faucets


The latest product of Pfister even need not any body contact. As long as you stand before the sink faucet, it will flow.


The motion sensor of fast reaction has embedded in this sink faucet, combined with the technology of Selia Touch-Free Kitchen Faucet, which can detect if there are people before it quickly. Besides, the adjusting knob is designed on the sink to control the water temperature. Those who don’t like control the faucet manually can also choose the system automatic sensing to adjust the water temperature and current.


  •  iWash intelligent concept sink faucet


sink faucets


Hand-washing is a good habit for basic personal hygiene, even though it cannot be more common in our daily life. But do you really believe that you have cleaned your hands? Even if you wash your hands frequently, many adults still wash up carelessly for all kinds of reasons and will not pay much attention to this. So this iWash concept sink faucet can visualize bacteria when you wash your hands, thus realizing the importance of the hand-washing.


iWash seems to have little difference from the ordinary sensing faucet, except its shape change into a big disc like a sprinkler. A built-in digital microscope can help you visualize the form of the bacteria from the upper screen when washing. If there are too much bacteria recognized, then the system will indicate red LED light; if the number of bacteria is reduced to the normal level after washing, the LED light will turn to green and the screen will also become transparent, reminding you have cleaned your hands up, otherwise it will remind you to wash again.



As an old saying goes: ”Details reflect the quality of life.” Such kitchen & bathroom accessories as sink faucets can be full of technological content, which will not only bring more convenience for our life, but also save energy and protect environment. Isn’t it worthwhile to spend a little more money on those products with high technology?

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