Top 6 beautiful LED products
2015-03-16 5:34:08 AM

LED, short for “light emitting diode”, is a kind of solid light-emitting semiconductor device. It can emit colorful lights with solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials. LED products make use of LED as light source.


LED is known as lighting source IV with the advantage of energy conservation, long operating life (35,000 h-50,000 h), environmental protection, small volume, etc., which is widely used in such fields as indication, display, decoration, backlight, illumination, etc.





This LED light won the first prize and best lighting design in Biffi Luce. Designers tend to design LED lights with more changeable model, so they begin to gain a growing popularity in the market.



LED mirror


LED mirror, just as the name implies, it combines the LED light with the mirror together. And this vertical LED mirror offers a 23.6 in. x 31.5 in. silvered mirror, application of 5mm float glass and LED light source, safe and energy-efficient. And the LED mirror is covered with silvered reflection layer, which guarantees clear and real phantom. This LED mirror can also be turned on and off with touch button easily. 





You can DIY beautiful Cloud Lights with just a few LED lights and a chunk of cotton. The graceful and romantic Cloud Lights will bring you a sweet dream.


Pooping Dog Lamp vividly imitate the manner and action of a pooping dog, which appears to be very funny. Especially the embarrassing dog poop, it is actually the switch of the lamp.





The Dutch designer, Bertjan Pot, designs the LED light---heracleum. This chandelier is made up of 63 white LED lights, as if a reversed tree overgrew with shining leaves, fantastic and natural.





This one is named as tree ring, created by the designer, Judson Beaumont. The glowing tree ring combines the natural characteristic with the modern technology, and the colorful LED lights make the wood decorative lamp even more charming in the night.





The Israeli designer, Dan Yeffet, engraves his fingerprint into tridimensional lampshade. The light passes through the gaps of the lampshade, filling in the entire space, in which lingering warmth diffuses.

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