DIY Mosaic Art in Your Home
2015-03-16 4:57:20 AM

glass tile


Have you ever been bored with those old items in your home? If you have, don’ t bother changing new ones. Just decorate them with mosaic décor and be creative about making use of those unimpressive stuffs around you, such as some abandoned CDs, glass tiles, stones, etc. Use those stuffs in variant colors and funny shapes that will make your old tables or chairs look new and chic. Only with a little effort can you make your home full of art. Next, I will show you how to DIY a work of art in your home.


glass tile

1. Find some beautiful pieces of glass tiles, stones, seashells, CDs, or anything else that you have. You can decorate your tables, chairs, mirrors or flowerpots with those stuffs. But you shall make sure to pick a strong foundation to stick those glass tiles(or other stuffs) so that it can hold the weight of them.


2. Select a pattern you like to make into a mosaic. You can design one with your imagination or choose one available online. As a beginner, I suggest you may start from a simple pattern.


3. Draw or print out the pattern you need and place it on a flat surface. You can use a hammer or other tools to break glass tiles into pieces and make sure that the pieces of glass tiles are clean of any dirt. Then roughly lay them as the pattern.


4. According to the recommendations of the manufacturer, mix mortar and apply it to the base with a trowel or other tools. You shall put the glass tiles into the mortar before it dries out. Apply those glass tiles piece by piece from one corner of the pattern. And be sure that you have left enough space between pieces for grout. Clear away the extra mortar on the mosaic tiles after the mortar is congealed.


5. Mix the grout. There are many colors that you can choose to add into the grout and select one that will make your mosaic stand out. And apply it with a spatula to the spaces between the glass tiles until it fills the creases.


6. In order to clear away the grout on the surface of the mosaic, you shall wipe it with a clean towel and warm water. Then coat the mosaic with varnish which will protect it from damage and will also make the glass tile shine out in the sunshine.

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