What will bathroom look like in the future? Will it give you a customized experience? The answer is yes. Bathroom can become your personal SPA and health center in the future.

Let’s l...

2015-08-05 9:36:12 PM
home lighting

When you decorate your house, you may face to a question that how to choose home lighting. So I am glad to introduce several famous home lightings to you, hoping to give you some inspirations

2015-07-26 10:17:53 PM
bathroom design

1.   bathroom colorIn color matching, color effects are affected by the bathroom walls, flooring, lighting, and other mix components. Cool color floor tiles match with bathroom background...

2015-07-26 9:52:36 PM
sink faucet

Some people say that kitchen and bathroom are the places where can most manifest quality of life at home, because they can reflect the function and aesthetics everywhere.

The collection of&...

2015-07-26 9:45:14 PM
bathroom tiles

Three elements for choosing bathroom tiles Bathroom wall tile selection: bathroom walls must be waterproof, anti-corrosive and mildew resistant ; bathroom floor tile selection: skidproof floor tile...

2015-07-22 8:15:27 PM
small bathroom design

Although bathroom space is limited, it still serves numerous functions. Besides the obvious utilitarian functions, homeowners want a smoothing escape from hectic daily ...

2015-07-19 8:31:50 PM
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