Touch control Led Miior

Decoraport starts Led Mirror selling from 2014. At that time, there are very few led mirror products in North America market. Now, this becomes a popular product in the bathroom for residentia...

2018-09-28 1:37:17 AM

In any given household, toilets are the largest consumers of water through continuous flushing. An average volume of 2.7 gallons of water is spent every day through flushing a toilet. Water consump...

2017-11-11 2:12:38 AM

You might have seen them somewhere but didn’t know what they were used for. Or you might have owned one before but wondered how it worked. Those beautiful mirrors with shiny silvered surfaces...

2017-02-06 4:01:04 AM

The backlit vanity mirror is possibly the most used piece of furniture in the bathroom. When someone walks into the bathroom they look into the mirror, even if they are just glancing while walking ...

2016-12-28 4:31:11 AM

You might have heard about LED several times however, its real benefits come with the vanity lighted mirrors. They mimic the natural light with such perfection that you will see your clear a...

2016-12-16 4:49:00 AM


Lighted mirrors in the house have advanced largely from mere function to both functional and decorative depending on the location and how you intend to use it. Lighted up Mirrors ten...

2016-12-13 1:27:40 AM
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