Planning of Bathroom Renovation
2016-08-12 5:27:15 AM

Bathrooms are no doubt an important part of a house, which we visit several times in a day. An old bathroom without any attraction gives an unpleasant look of your house to the guest who used it. Therefore, if you want a classy house with the renovation in other room’s bathroom renovation is also very important. In past people normally give the least importance to the bathrooms but now you cannot have wow effect of your house without a beautiful up-to-date bathroom. 

Bathroom renovation can be a boring and hectic task if you do not consider some important points before. Here are the important points that are to be considering while starting renovation of the bathroom:

Design and style:

Set an image of a bathroom you want after renovation. What type of bathroom do you want? What will be the colour of your bathroom? What type mirror you want? You want illuminated mirror, lighted mirrors or led backlit mirrors.  Make design will full effort the bathroom at the end will look like the design you made for it. If your budget allows you hire architecture for your bathroom hire them. 


Firstly, prepare the budget that you can afford for the renovation of the bathroom. The budget will help you to prepare your bathroom without any financial interruption because you know your budget and you will buy things according to your budget. On the other hand, without any estimate of the budget,  you may have to stop the bathroom during the process due to the financial problem occurred by purchasing expensive things.

Time required:

According to changes required in the bathroom, plan the time that is required for renovation. Do not assume renovation time without any idea because if you assume the time 15 days but in actual you required 25 days then after 15 days renovation will look boring.     

Sequence of work:

Set the sequence of work in order. This will make you renovation smooth, fast and the there will be no damage to the new thing. Like first remodelling of the roof then floor and walls, from where to start paint, fixtures sequence of installation etc.

Resolving Hidden problems:

Find out the entire hidden problem in existing bathroom and make sure that are solved while renovation. If the hidden problem remains unsolved then it will create a problem in the newly renovated bathroom. 

Hiring workers:

Hire all the workers required labour, painter, plumber and fixture installer before as you have made a plan for what to do first till the end. Hire them and tell them the date on which their work is plan. This will save allot of time and you will not have to wait for the required person on his work date.

Walls and Flooring:

You can use any flooring and wall tiles as long as they are waterproof. There are many options for tiles granite, ceramic and marble. Depending on your budget, buy the tiles. Make sure the tiles are durable and long lasting. Select the design of tiles according to the image of your bathroom that you have made.


Lightning is very important for bathrooms. Bathroom look is incomplete without proper lightning. Lights should be bright enough to glow the whole bathroom. Avoid the dull lighting that is just enough for looking images but the corners of the bathroom remain dull and show shadows. Even mirrors are lighted in modern bathrooms like LED mirror, backlit mirror and led bathroom lighted mirrors.

Storage, cabinets, and shelves:

Many daily usage things need proper cabinets to hide. The things placed here and there make the bathroom look messy. Proper cabinets placed somewhere that are easy to access are required. Choose trendy cabinets that will complement the look of the bathroom and can hide all the daily usage things like toothbrush, paste, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner etc.


Choose all the accessories new for your renovated bathroom. A new bathroom with old accessorize will destroy the whole look. Buy trendy new accessorize for your bathroom new soap dish, towels, towel rack, mirrors and bath mats. Make estimate to these and add in the total budget


Proper ventilation is very important for the bathrooms. The ventilation of bathroom requires good planning and is very tricky. Poor bathroom ventilation will leave the bathroom wet and can affect the tiles, paint as well as your health. Perfect bathroom ventilation avoids damaging wooden fixture and is also a healthy bathroom.

Going Green:

The World is trending toward going green. There are many reasonable trendy options available in the market to go green like low VOC paint, a toilet that uses less water, harvested wood made vanities, a surface made of recycled glass tiles etc.

Final Clean:

At the end when the whole bathroom renovation is complete comes the turn to finally clean the whole bathroom. Make a plan to clean the whole bathroom properly from inside and out. Add one extra day to the plan of a bathroom renovation for cleaning.

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