The Best LED Lighted Makeup Mirror Buying Tips
2016-08-09 4:53:00 AM

Makeup is important. Ask any girl you meet and they will tell you the same. The answer can vary from person to person but if you ask me what the most annoying thing about makeup is, I’ll answer that it should be perfect. It can’t be too less, and it definitely can’t be too much, it has to be the perfect amount. People might say that girls take a long time to get ready, but ask any of us, and we will say the same thing: it takes a long time to get our makeup done perfectly.

Sometimes the foundation goes either a shade too little, or a shade too much. Or maybe the eyeliner gets a just a tiny bit crooked and we have to do it all over again. Whatever the case, doing makeup is hard work and takes a long time. Sometimes doing makeup can take even longer because we don’t have enough light to see our face, or because our mirrors don’t have enough magnifying powers. Especially the magnification can be a major disadvantage because how many times do we poke ourselves in the eye trying to see clearer?

A good mirror can be the solution for all our makeup problems, and recently, LED lighted makeup mirrors have hit the market and they are making quite a trend in many households. Backlit lighted mirrors are now slowly becoming a must have item, especially with girls who are enthusiastic about how they look. Illuminated mirrors now come in many sizes and shapes and tip number one to buying an led bathroom lighted mirror is to make sure you have the best size that is needed for you. Consider where you want the mirror to be; it can be a bathroom mirror or even a vanity mirror. Small mirrors are usually portable mirrors while large mirrors are the mirrors you would want to use if you are looking to replace the mirror in your bathroom or vanity. Small portable mirrors are great for travelling, and you can also get medium sized backlit mirrors that are also portable, so that you can use it where you will have the best light.

Type of Light Matters

When it comes to buying a lighted vanity mirror, one of the major things you should consider is the type of light that your mirror will give out. It can affect the makeup you will put on, since you will get different shades in different colors of light. Of course natural light is the best, but with illuminated mirrors, it is hard to achieve the natural light. Many backlit mirrors come with light dimmers that will help you to get the best light to work with. Lighted mirrors tend to give a harsher, brighter light than normal bulbs, but the frequency where you have to change or replace the lights is less when it comes to LED. Vanity mirrors with light bulbs are usually large bathroom or vanity mirrors, and they give out a warmer light that is close to natural light. But watch out, you will have to change the bulbs more often and they will also consume more energy than LED bulbs.

Considering Magnifications is a Plus

Illuminated vanity mirrors not only come in many different sizes and shapes, but they also come with many different features. Magnifying power is one of the features that changes from mirror to mirror, and some mirrors come with multiple magnifications, all in one. This is especially good if you want a more detailed look as well as the overall look. You can use one mirror while having both magnifications. There are also mirrors that you can turn, or angle up and down that will give you a better look at what you want to see. If you want a more versatile mirror, these are the kind of mirrors that you should go for if you want to look in multiple directions to make your makeup perfect.

Finer Details? Why Not!

Not only your home, but you also have a personalized style that anyone would recognize. Lighted bathroom mirrors come in a lot of styles, and you should definitely go with a lighted mirror that would suit your style perfectly. A bathroom mirror with lights will not only make your bathroom look classier, but it will give you a sense of elegance as well whenever you dress or do your makeup in front of it.

Most of the time they do not come cheap and when choosing a lighted mirror, go for a mirror that is within your price range. There are also corded mirrors as well as non-corded mirrors that will give power to it. The power source of the mirror will also affect your finances so make sure that you are choosing a power source that will not only do what you need, but also will fit your budget.       

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