LED Mirrors: Designs Showcasing Innovation Combined with Practicality
2016-08-22 5:15:04 AM

Led mirrors are gradually creeping into our homes as modern and contemporary mirror designs mainly on account of their efficiency. Apart from this, backlit mirrors have given us what regular mirrors have failed to give and that is superior design and functionality. In fact, it is becoming the preferred type of illuminated mirrors as well as bathroom mirrors due to its positive traits. It is no surprise that this has taken center stage in recent times; however, it is important to take a close look at led mirrors as an accessory which is capable of transforming your vanity or bathroom area into a much modern outlook.

Construction and Design of Led Mirrors

The striking thing about the led mirrors remains its simplicity in design. In fact, they are just a type of ordinary mirror which are designed to have some energy efficient led bulbs fitted in different pattern throughout the mirror size. It is important to recall that looking back before the advent of led; bathroom space was brightened by the incandescent bulbs that were provided overhead. However, the led mirrors have provided modern and contemporary design in the form of led bathroom lighted mirrors that have an in built light system. The implication of this is that it provides a compact look and design as well as simultaneously providing enough light for the bathroom space.

It is important to note that this inbuilt lighting system produces a bright light with less heat in addition to having a longer life span and a s a result, it becomes a cost effective option. Fortunately, there are a whole lot of led designs available from the manufacturers and as at today, there are bathroom mirrors with lights available in different shapes, sizes, designs, configuration as well as styles. For example, if you are someone with a taste for artistry, then you may decide to go for contemporary designs with some artistic background instead of opting for just the conventional led lighted mirror design. In addition, you may also want to go for some add-ons features that increase the functionalities. The good thing is that it does not stop on these kinds of mirrors; the manufacturers have gone a step ahead in designing other types that go a long way in complimenting these mirrors. Now, you can also choose a makeup mirror as well as an ambient mirror that can help transform the ambience of your bathroom.

What Advantage Does Backlit Mirror Have over the Regular Ones

There are so many advantages the illuminated mirrors have over regular ones. Firstly, it is important to note that these mirrors will offer a brighter and clearer image. In fact, you can always compare them to see the difference if in doubt. If the main purpose of light is to illuminate an area, then it is safe to say that the led mirrors can comfortably carry out that task in such a way that you will not need to strain your eyes when a close shave or a makeup is to be applied on your face. Besides, these led mirrors are designed in such a way that it enhances the look of your bathroom and makes it look posh and luxurious. In fact, most people have reported kind compliments from visitors who visit their bathrooms where led mirrors are present.

Let us not forget the natural humid conditions of bathrooms and note that the led mirrors have been designed to combat this. Recall that the your image on a traditional vanity lighted mirror starts getting clouded behind the steam but the good thing is that the led mirrors are designed to deal with this situation because they are built with demister pads and an infrared on and off sensor.

There is also an issue with cost when it comes with led mirrors. Do not forget that led mirrors ensure a high light output but at the same time keep the running costs in check as they are very energy efficient. This becomes an advantage over conventional mirrors because it gives you a better value for money, produces a better aesthetic outlook of the area plus the savings in energy cost which is a big deal.

Are Led Mirrors Getting Popular?

Make no mistake, backlit mirrors are getting popular, however, the high cost is what deters people from fully embracing it at the moment. They are more expensive when compared to the regular type of mirror. It is important to note that the advantages it offers compensates for the higher cost especially the fact that it generate less heat and consumes less electricity. Because of the high cost, it is advisable to buy them from reliable sources for the sake of getting the right quality. Therefore the next time you want a mirror for your bathroom, choose the one with led. 

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