LED Illuminated Mirrors: What Makes Them So Popular?
2016-08-25 5:17:50 AM

For a product to be popular, it must have a certain quality or number of qualities that are better when compared to other products in the field. The led illuminated mirror is one of the many popular products today, thanks to its many superior qualities.


Low Energy Consumption.

As mentioned above, these mirrors specifically use LED bulbs instead of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. This is attributed to the fact that LED bulbs consume much less electricity than the other bulbs, making them a lot more efficient and less costly. They’ve been found to be 300 times more efficient than normal fluorescent bulbs and 1000 times more efficient than the incandescent ones. This makes the lighted mirrors a cheaper option pocket-wise and yes-environment-wise too!

No Constant Need to Change the Bulbs.

Most backlit bulbs require regular changing of bulbs while lighted mirrors do not. The latter’s bulbs have a much longer lifespan in comparison to other bulbs and this greatly helps with the regular removal.

Lowers the Need for Light in the Room.

With a bathroom vanity mirror present in a room, less light is required from any other source, making it a cheaper option. The mirror is designed for use in rooms with limited or no access to natural light and can also be used in the dark without supplementary lighting from anywhere else.

Gives the Room an Elegant Feel.

It goes without saying that having an LED mirror on a wall significantly adds to the beauty of a room. The light emanating from within it give off a bright glow while its shape and design give the wandering eye more to look at. Its shiny surface doesn’t have to try hard for attention and also gives a clearer reflection when looked at.

Long Bulb Lifespan.

One common defect with most bulbs is their short lifespan. Incandescent bulbs for example, have one of 1000 hours. They also tend to give light for a limited number of hours before heating up and are always prone to physical stresses such as vibrations. Combining all these faults makes for ready disaster. LED bulbs though, are different and much more efficient, thanks to their specifications. They can light up the mirror for thousands of hours without recharging and work for full days without heating up or burning out. This makes picking led backlit mirrors a more effective option.

Varying Colours.

The light bulbs can be of any colour-red, blue, you name it, and can be as romantic as the ‘candlelight inspired’ warm yellow or as sharp and bright as the pure white. The different colour ranges are designed to have a definitive effect on the room/mood when put in use.

Less Fogging of Mirror after Baths.

Every after a bath, it is common to find other mirror types especially plain mirrors, covered with fog on their surfaces. Using these mirrors than becomes a tiresome endeavour since one has to dry the mirror first. Thanks to the bulbs within them, vanity mirrors with lights save you that task. They do not fog; the little heat given up by the bulbs dries the water that touches the mirror surface. Now, isn’t that a big help?

Environmentally Friendly Light.

Lighted vanity mirrors do not give off UV rays or any other harmful emission for that matter. In addition, the light emitted from backlit mirrors gives a much fuller illumination that makes it ideal for activities that require close scrutiny such as professional makeup sessions.

Special Features. 

Newer versions of led illuminated mirrors come with specially fitted features aimed at easing the user’s life. They range from shaver sockets for men and digital clocks to on/off buttons, demister pads and other mechanisms designed to combat fogging on the mirror screen. With such features, one doesn’t have to dry the mirror every after a bath or buy separate charging systems for their shavers. Or even depend entirely on the house wall clock.


Requires Connection to Electricity.

For starters, having a functioning light up mirror requires a working connection to a power source. Installing one also necessitates the right electrical connection in the room or building. This might come off as too much work in comparison to plain mirrors which just require fixing onto the wall. It also means that the lights do not work during electricity blackouts. Unless you have the rechargeable type, of course. It also makes the backlit mirror more expensive.

Less Ambient Light in Comparison to Other Mirrors.

They might use less energy efficient bulbs, but most backlit mirrors still emit more ambient light in comparison to the lighted bathroom mirror. The latter’s light comes off as sharp and bright at times, making for a less attractive appearance of the room.

Give Off Lower Temperature.

In comparison with other backlit mirrors, the LED lighted mirror tends to give off less heat, since its bulbs take long to heat up. This may affect the temperature of the room if there is no other light/heat source.

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