LED Backlit Mirrors: The Ultimate Bathroom Essential
2016-09-02 5:21:23 AM

I can’t say how many times I look at myself in the mirror every day. All I know is that it’s the 1st thing I see in when I prep myself up on the bathroom mirror before I begin my day which also includes staring at myself in my makeup mirror to ensure that my make-up is properly done and making sure that all my makeup is removed at night is the last thing I do before lying on my bed and going to sleep.

The use of led backlit mirrors is pretty much a necessity and a convenience for me and all ladies out there. It’s not that I’m being vain or overly self-obsessed, it’s just that I always feel the need to check on my appearance to ensure that I showcase the best of me to the people around me. Not to mention the number of times I steal a quick glance of myself every time I stand up my office cubicle before facing my boss or colleagues for a meeting or just having a quick break.

Well, I bet I’m not the only one as keen on looking at myself as this. It is because we have been accustomed with the use of the mirror since it was a vanity item since the ancient times.  In today’s world, bathroom lighted mirror is a highly important piece in the bathroom or should I say an ultimate bathroom requirement!

When I was growing up, getting the perfect light for my led mirror has always been a challenge. There are times that my mom will purchase a bulb with a low wattage thus creating a dim gloomy light and there are times that my dad will get the one with a high wattage, that hurts my eyes  for too much brightness. The problem is we have to wait till the bulb gets busted before they replace it.

I have learned my lessons from the challenges and adventures we faced when I was younger. Now that I have grown up and have a family of my own, I need to make sure that every item in the house works for everyone. Good thing we have already developed the LED lighted mirrors.

It might sound trivial but having a perfect lighting on a bathroom vanity mirror is as delicate as our personality since looking on the mirror is a reflection of our current self and our current surroundings.   It is a tool that keeps us harmonious with environment. Personally, I think that mirrors are windows to reality. It’s not just a reflection of our physical self but a reflection of our mental state and spirituality. So to create a positive mood all day long, a good glance of our image must be captured flawlessly and that can be done with the use of a lighted mirror.  

My first encounter with an illuminated mirror was in a customer lounge of a newly built mall in our area. The happy, invigorating vibe of the room really stood out. The mood is contagious that I got attracted instantly. That experience has led me to the quest of getting my own light up mirror. Take a look at my top picks on LED lighted mirror:

  • Illuminated Mirrored Medicine Cabinet
  • Fluorescent Backlit Mirror
  • Shaving Socket Mirror
  • Infinity Mirror
  • Heated Demister Mirror
  • Mirror cabinets

Illuminated Mirrored Medicine Cabinet – These mix the convenience and utility of the good old medicine cabinet and the use of a bathroom mirror in your shower. These often have scissor arms that make it easy to install wherever you need it to be. The lighting is also just enough to light up your face without hurting your eyes if you need to look closer.                        

Fluorescent Backlit Mirror – Lights that sit behind the mirror provide subtle, accentuated lighting in your room with the added bonus of giving you proper lighting when you use it. Etchings in the glass will allow the light to pass through that make it so much easier to shave, put make-up on, and do whatever you need to do. Not like the eye strain associated with old fashioned make up mirrors!

Shaving Socket Mirror – These are the ideal gift for your man. A flat backlit mirror with a socket included to charge his electric razor or an electric toothbrush.

Infinity Mirror – Always a good interior design option – and conversation maker for visitors - due to its hypnotizing depth, this recent addition to the household use angled LED lights to create the illusion of a never ending series of lights inside the mirror. This also provides a sleek and modern accent for any interior design theme you have.

Heated Demister Mirror – These are ideal for those who love hot showers. Ever walked out of the shower and see that your mirror is unusable because of all the steam? A thin demisting heated pad under the mirror prevents this from happening. Fancy!

Mirror Cabinets – I can write a whole new article about these things but essentially, these are just mirrors added with the added utility of cabinets. They have many optional accessories such as LED, fluorescent lighting, shaver sockets, and also infrared sensors to turn the lights on and off as you come close to the cabinets. These come in all shapes and sizes to suit every design option you have.

There it is, I hope you won’t be overburdened by the myriad options you have. But at least now you will have an idea of what suits you best.

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