Are You Happy with Your Bedroom?
2016-08-17 11:38:07 PM

Bedroom is so many things to each and every one of us. To some, it is simply a space to get the needed sleep in. They walk in; go to bed, then wake up and the pattern repeats itself over and over again. To others, it is a room where you reunite with your significant loved one, read, watch a movie, get dressed, and get rid of your sorrows during the night. Basically, it becomes a room you most live in. And nobody needs to break their bank account to come up with a space to meet all those needs.

Here are 6 tips to help you achieve your dream bedroom:

1) Think about painting your walls or perhaps putting up the wall paper.

Just walk by the oil paint, it is not just toxic and takes several days to dry. It gives the room a shiny appearance, and not in a nice way. Though, it is easy to clean them. The market now offers so many wall paper options.

Whatever your choice might be, remember that neutral shades will make the room look bigger and will contribute to the overall calm appearance. Consider marine blue, turquoise, grey, and beige. Adding lighting fixtures at appropriate places like above bed, on the sides of the window or by the corners can make the bedroom feel warm and intimate. Just what the bedroom essentially should feel like. The current trend in lighting is lighted mirrors. It brings you the best of both worlds. Mirrors add space by playing with reflection; LED offers just the right lighting. If you are worried that the room might look boring, add a splash of colour by placing colourful ornaments as decorations, bright cushions, and paintings or photo frames.

2) Your bed, depending on whether you are a loner or a married person.

When it comes to bed, the size is not of much importance. Pay special attention to the mattress, if you are lucky enough you will spend up to 8-9 hours a day on it. Choosing the right one can significantly contribute to the right posture and help you avoid back pains.

3) Your bedding, choose natural fabrics as they offer most comfort throughout the year.

Cotton absorbs most sweat during the night and is perfect for colder months, whereas silk bedding keeps you cool during the summer months.

Polyester bedding might look beautiful, but it will definitely not contribute to a great night’s sleep. Choose pillows and blankets wisely too. Feather ones are very difficult in their upkeep and take forever to dry when washed. Hollowfiber is the not-so-new best thing currently on the market. It is simple in cleaning and hypo-allergic.

4) Curtains or blinds a hard choice for everybody.

Yes, blinds are much cheaper and easier to clean as opposed to posh curtains that usually come up with less than preferable instructions for washing. However, it is worth noting that curtains not only serve the purpose of providing coverage from public eyes but plays a vital role in adding the finishing touch to the room. Spent a little more time choosing the right fabric to fit your cleaning routine and never will you again think about blinds.

5) Carpet or wooden floors?

Some believe that keeping up with wooden floors would be much easier than trying to keep the carpet clean.  But you have to remember that wooden floors do not like much water, they can bloat from the excess moisture. Moreover, to keep the shine in place they would need to be polished with natural wax or any other designated product at least twice a year. Depending on what carpet you will opt to place, it can be cheaper than wooden floor.

Unless, of course you would want to cover your bedroom floor completely in finest Persian carpet there is. A regular vacuuming would be required and a once in a while professional clean. If you are more of a broom and bucket person, just forget the carpet idea altogether.

6) Design pieces and ornaments

Any room in the house without any statues, vases, frames and decorations as such conveys a feeling of a cold and distant showroom. It makes the room completely lack any character and says nothing about the personality of a person living in it. Make your room unique and cosy by strategically placing right pieces around the room. For example, vases don’t necessarily need to be placed on tables or countertops.

Use large ones meant to be on the floor. Also, avoid placing numerous photo frames. Yes, memories are a great thing. However, it can make the surface look too cluttered. Invest in a wall collage. This way you will get to keep the photos and get a cool interior design piece up on the wall.


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