How to Choose Your Bathroom Tiles?
2015-07-22 8:15:27 PM

Three elements for choosing bathroom tiles
Bathroom wall tile selection: bathroom walls must be waterproof, anti-corrosive and mildew resistant ; bathroom floor tile selection: skidproof floor tile with raised floor pattern.

One: Tile texture density
There are more stringent quality requirements on tiles when purchasing bathroom tiles. You can observe the brick from its side to check whether it is smooth, whether there are pinholes with uneven thickness. At the same time, you can tap the tile to listen whether its sound is crisp. The more crisp the sound is, the  higher texture density the tile is , and so as its hardness.

bathroom tiles

Two: water absorption rate of tiles
Chiefly, you should take a note of their absorption rate while purchasing bathroom tiles. In general, for high-quality tiles, water absorption rate is comparably low, so the bathroom wall and floor can quickly dry. If the tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, you can drop tea or water droplets on the back of the tile to see the diffusion of the droplets. the More non-absorbent the tiles are, the better quality the tiles indicate.

Three: degree of brick glazing
When you purchase, you are yearn for knowing the ways to determine the quality of bathroom tiles. One of the easiest way to pick tiles is to measure the glazed thickness of tiles. For experiment , you can scratch the surface of the tile with a hard object, if the tile scratches, it means insufficient glazing. After the glazing finish wore out, the glazed tiles surface is easy to hide dirt and also hard to clean. For those not glazed tiles, it’s better not to lay them out in damp and confined environment, because moisture on bricks cannot evaporates, which adds up to the possibility to be mouldy.

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The colors of bathroom tiles
When you choose tiles colors, first taken into account is your overall style of bathroom decoration, followed by your favorite color. However, for most of the families who owed small-sized apartments, it’s better to choose light-colored bathroom tiles, not black or dark-colored tiles. In visual effects, light-colored tile can reflect light from the sun, and thus making the bathroom more spacious and bright.

What tiles are better for bathrooms?
Bathroom humidity is relatively large, so bathroom tiles should be waterproof, skidproof, and wear-resistant. Designer usually apply the full body brick into bathroom, a brick that is more wear-resistant; For bathroom wall, glazed tiles is a good choice. Those tiles after glazing are possessed with rich color patterns, and with antifouling abilities. Although it seems that choosing bathroom tiles is not a tough decision, some tips are still involved. There are lots of matters require attention, no matter they are the choices of colors or qualities for bathroom tiles. Choosing skidproof and wear-resistant tiles for bathroom use are fatal for your own safety concern.

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