How to Choose Basin for Bathroom
2015-07-19 11:13:01 PM

When we decorate our bathroom, the basin is what we are most concerned about. The basin needs to meet the bathroom design and satisfy our other needs.  So choosing a right basin is very important.


 1.    Thickness of Basin

The thicker the basin is,the higher impact resistance and breakage resistance will be.


2.    Water absorption

Water absorption is an important indicator of ceramic basin. Generally, all ceramic products have absorbability and infiltrability. The basin with lower water absorption is better. Because ceramic will expand after water being sucked in,  it is easy to make the glaze of ceramic surface crack. And then the dirty things from water will go into the ceramic. Over time, it will cause the odors which can not be removed.


3.    Glass Basin

The glass basin through special craft processing has high surface finish and is not easy to be dirty. There is no difference between glass basin and ordinary ceramic basin on cleaning and maintenance. Just need pay more attention to avoid scratching the surface with sharp objects or bumping it with heavy objects.

From the process to design, the cost of glass basin is high, so the price is more expensive.


4.    Ceramic basins

In addition to modeling, consumers should pay more attention to the quality of glaze. Because good glaze is easy to clean and still bright as new after long-term use.

While choosing ceramic basin, consumers should observe it from multi-angle against the light. Good glazed is very slick, without splash, pinhole, sand hole, bubble and glaze pit or other defects.


5.    The size of  basin

If basin is too shallow, water will splash; too deep, it will be not convenient to use. So please choose pedestal sink if bathroom is small, and choose under mount sink if bathroom is big.




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