5 Minimalist Sink Faucets - Creativity Is Everywhere
2015-08-09 9:54:01 PM

Are there many abstract paintings hanging in your home to manifest artistic atmosphere? Maybe you just need to change your sink faucet. Here are 5 minimalist sink faucets, coupled with which the room will become different immediately.

This sink faucet has advantages of straight lines, slim contour and simple sense of aesthetics. It not only can save space, but also can increase the appreciation value of art.

The design emphasizes the clarity and beauty of lines, which reflects the aesthetic and abstract thought of designer.

sink faucets

The brass plated or nickel drawed and other alternative material on the sink fauce surface can cater all styles of  home decoration. The strong metal texture gives you a steady and tasteful feeling.

Designer has applied ingenious design inspiration from every angle. Compared with classic normal sink faucets, there is no redundancy in the design of this faucet. It is very simple but gives people a ultra-modern feeling.

sink faucets

Its built-in aerator and operating lever are easy to use. And its shape is in minimalist style, which can create a extraordinary atmosphere at home.

sink faucets

The minimalist sink faucet is produced by an Italian bathroom products company. Its impressionist design going with the minimalist style shows features of art.

sink faucets

The faucet is designed by designer Simone, which cleverly combines the form with application of function. Because of its strong applicability, it can be set at all corners. It can create exclusive home life to highlight the unique personality.

sink faucets

If you are not interested in sink faucet in abstract concept, here are some ultra-modern designed sink faucets can give you some inspirations on decoration.

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