How to Clean And Care for Shower Panels?
2015-08-05 10:59:52 PM

Shower panels are essential elements in our bathrooms, a good designed bathroom shower panel not only enhances the look of your shower space, but also brings you an unique and relaxing shower experience. Before we are going to learn how to maintain your shower panels, you can have a quick glance at the tips of choosing shower panels and the products of shower panels.

The methods for shower panel cleaning

Manual cleaning:

When you do manual cleaning, you firstly need to take down the mesh cover and other parts that easily absorb scale. And then reinstall them after cleaning them up. Some shower panels are equipped with some specialized detachable tools to accommodate consumers.

Hand-wipe cleaning:

The outlet of some showers is designed with rubber particles, which feel comfortable, soft, is less likely to scale and is easy to clean, you can gently wipe those particles with your finger to clean the scale. The cleaning method is set up based on material characteristics, and it is currently the most popular cleaning way.

shower panels

Automatic cleaning:

A large number of shower panels are constituted by special structure which makes it possible for usual automatic cleaning. For example, shower panels that are fitted with cleaning needles do not need further manual cleaning and scale and can be cleaned by cleaning needle. 

Maintenance caution for shower panel

1. Do regular cleaning, you can clean the surface of shower panel and soak its inside with white vinegar, and then wipe the shower panel outlet with cotton cloth. Such regular maintenance can not only reduce the impact caused by the scale on the shower panel but also play the role of sterilization.

2. For plating surface, you can regularly wipe with flour, and then wash with water. So you can make the surface of the shower panel bright as new.

shower panels

3. Remember do not use strong acid to clean the scale, otherwise its surface will get corroded .

4. Do not disassemble shower panel for maintenance on your own in case of making any damage to the appearance or internal structure of the shower panel.

5. Do not use the shower panel for over 70 ℃,otherwise its service life will be greatly reduced. Therefore, remember to install the shower panel far from electronics and heat.

Up to now, I believe you have mastered a basic idea of  how to maintain shower panels. If you feel bored about the general outlook of your shower panels, I would like to lead you to explore a tree branch shower panel

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