Tips to Select a Good Illuminated Mirror
2016-07-19 5:24:08 AM

Mirrors are very much in fashion from ages they are considering enhancing the beauty of a house. There are different types of mirrors used in a house like lighted mirror, plane mirror, spherical mirror, silver mirror, vanity mirror, two-way mirror, one-way mirror. Among all the mirrors, the most common and most used mirror is Led lighted mirror. These mirrors are available in the market in different sizes, shapes and now color as well. With the backlit mirrors, you can enjoy the mirror benefits with the light. 

Led mirrors are actually mirrors having led light that uses electron movement to change electricity into light. The consumers use vanity lighted mirrors as they provide many benefits to its user much as electricity saving, long lasting, best image producer, do not attract insects and shock resistance.

There are different types of led mirrors available like bathroom mirror with lights, backlit mirror extra storage cabinet, lighted mirrors for makeup, compact illuminated mirror and led infinity mirror. Consumer use vanity mirror with lights that best suits their needs and in order to choose the best illuminated mirror you should keep the following things in mind and then select mirrors.

Budget: First prepare your budget that how expensive you can buy the light up mirrors. As led lighted mirrors are available in the market and online at various prices from low priced to very high budget designer’s lighted mirror. The prices of mirror vary from shop to shop. The shops in commercial area price are a bit high from other area prices. These are many of different styles having different price range available online as well. An online search will give you a brief idea about current market prices and then you can buy the best-led mirror in your available budget.

Place of the mirror: Select the place in the house where you want to fix lighted vanity mirror. Normally this kind of mirror is used in the bathroom but you can place them anywhere in the living room, drawing room, entrance, dining room or in the dressing room. A stylish bathroom vanity mirror placed somewhere it should not be can ruin the whole image of that particular room. You can consult interior designers for the best suitable place for the mirrors. Keeping in mind the current designing trend some led mirror companies provides the interior designing facility to its customers.

Suitable size: After finalizing, the places find the mirror that will perfectly fit in that place. The mirror should not be too big or too small. It should be of a perfect size that will enhance the beauty of that room. The mirror should be of a size, which can easily fulfill your requirements. If you have less space, you can consult an interior designer. They can help a little bit on size issue by adjusting the mirror. 

With frame or without frame: Decide whether to have a led mirror with the frame or without a frame. If with frame then, what type of frame? The Framed mirrors give more optical impact to room space. Frames can be of anything glass, metal, wood or any other material. If you have large space then you can go for framed mirror else prefer without a frame.

Lightning: While choosing led mirrors be careful and check the lights whether their design is going with your room look or not. Select the mirror whose lights are going with your room interior.

The shape of the mirror: Illuminated mirrors are available in different shapes the most common are oval, circle, and rectangle shape. You can also go for some other geometric shapes available now a day in the market. Just select the shape of mirror that will look the best in your room. Remember one thing more, not only select the shape that will look best but also consider the shape that will fulfill all your requirements also. Some trendy mirrors are just only good in shape only. They do not fulfill your requirement, for example, a fancy small size backlit mirror in the dressing room will not give you a complete image of your dressing due to small size.

Consider all options: While purchasing mirror visit different shops in the market and then compare different styles, sizes, and prices. Select the mirror after looking and comparing the whole market and trends.

Consider a theme: While deciding the mirror designs and shape keep in mind the theme of that room. The mirror should be in accordance to the theme for that room. For example, if the room has some wooden flooring then led lighted mirror with wooden frame will complete the look of the perfect bathroom.

Fancy mirror: If you feel that, your room is very dull and lack color you can just compensate while buying a mirror. Selection of a colorful mirror can get over your problem.

Good reflection: While considering design, considers the reflection also. Not only design matter but reflection also matter. Avoid the mirror that shows a bit change than actual reflection. For example, some mirror shows a bit fat some shows bit slim etc.

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