A Guide to Buy the Best Illuminated Mirrors
2016-07-14 5:23:51 AM

A mirror is without a doubt, an essential item for a bathroom. Most people use a mirror just for its main purpose of looking at one’s reflection; but there are also people who make use of mirrors as a decorative item for their living space. While many types of bathroom mirrors exist, a vanity mirror is one that’s not missed. In this article we plan on guiding you on how to buy the best LED lighted mirrors for your bathroom, by taking a number of aspects in to consideration.

A good illuminated mirror is an important mirror that’s built to sit on a flat surface such as a countertop. And the led bathroom vanity mirrors normally serves the purpose of giving a clear view of a person’s reflection while applying makeup or doing other things. 

Match the mirror with your bathroom


If you have a bathroom designed to a specific theme, it’s always the best option to buy something that goes well with the theme of your bathroom. Otherwise you may regret your purchase later if your mirror looks like the odd one out in a set of items that match well.


Size is also quite an important factor to consider when matching your mirror with your bathroom. Since you are buying a bathroom mirror with lights, first decide where you are planning to keep it. If you have a small countertop, you should never go for a large vanity lighted mirror. So, find the right size to match the place you are going to keep the mirror. 

Choose a mirror to serve your purpose


There are some backlit mirrors that come with lighting options. Since not all the vanity mirrors has this feature, its best to choose one with lighting if you need the feature. The availability of lighting makes the process of applying makeup easier and also gives a clear reflection of your face in a bathroom with low lighting. 

When choosing the type of lighting, it’s advised to go for a mirror that emits light similar to daylight. As yellow light makes you look good regardless of the makeup you wear, it’s not considered the best option. Light up mirrors give you a clear reflection of how you would look in day time and therefore is the best type of mirror lighting. Some mirrors have dimmable options as well where you can see how you’d look under any light condition. 


The main purpose of choosing LED lighted mirrors is to check the reflection of your face during a skin care routine or the application of makeup. Therefore when you buy a vanity mirror you should always check if the mirror does what you want. See whether it gives a clear reflection of yourself and it’s also important to check if it has all the features you need.

Flexible Arm

Having a flexible or extendable arm makes the bathroom lighted vanity mirror serve its purpose easily. Ability to pivot the mirror up, down or to the sides will give us the opportunity to view our reflection in different angles. The extendable arm can be used to have a closer look at the reflection. This makes the application of makeup or threading eyebrows much easier and convenient. Therefore if you wish to have these features in your vanity mirror, you should consider buying one with a flexible arm.


Some backlit mirrors come with magnification capability. This is a great feature to have in your mirror if you need to zoom in for applying eye makeup, lipstick or threading your facial hair. Although there are different sizes of magnification available, 5x is the best for a bathroom mirror. 

Find a cost effective illuminated mirror

Pricing of bathroom lighted vanity mirrors depends mainly on its quality and the features. Quality of a mirror is determined by its finishing material, frame and arm design and the quality of the glass. Higher the quality and the number of features of the mirror, higher will be the cost.

Although having a number of features for your backlit mirror is a great idea, paying for features you don’t need or ones you will never make use of will put your money down the drain. Therefore, before you purchase a mirror, list out the features you need and the one’s you don’t need. And also decide on your budget for the purchase. Once you are ready, visit a shop or an online store to find a vanity mirror that has all the features you need and is within your budget. 

We believe you may have gained the necessary knowledge to find the best illuminated mirrors for your bathroom after reading this article.  Now it’s time for shopping!

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