How to Maintain a Toilet?
2015-08-20 2:48:54 AM

As we all know, toilet has a comparatively long lifespan among bathroom appliances. However, the components inside toilets still require routinely maintenance.


Even though the surface material of toilets is strong, there still are some possibilities for it to scratch, chip, and even crack. Remember do not use abrasive cleaner to clean the toilets, because the abrasive cleaner is likely to ruin its surface finish, and thus makes its surface easily scratch.

maintain toilets


When you are cleaning the internal toilet, you can incidentally inspect whether the toilet leaks. you can simply drop four to five food coloring drops into toilet tank, and then wait for 20 to 30 minutes to see whether the water in toilet bowl changes color. If the color changes, there is a leak. And vice versa, if the water is clear, there is no leak.

maintain toilets

Other common problems

As time goes by, long-time use may bring the toilet several issues, including water leaks, slow flushes, and even clog. I know clog is a troublesome issue, which intervenes people’s normal schedule and pleasant mood. When clog occurred, we would better to learn what causes the clog, and then try to fix it according to its problem. In general, drain is not as firm as you may concern, especially for long-term use drain, so do not flush unfamiliar stuff down the drain. In this way, most of the clogs can be avoided. For those clogs already occurred, you can remove them simply by a toilet plunder or a wire hanger. Other methods may also be applied determined by different clog causes.

If the toilet is slow to flush, long-term use of toilets without maintenance and several other possible causes may result in the slowness. You can finally determine the cause when you open the tank, if the water level is stored underneath the overflow pipe, the float is not granted to deliver water enter the tank. If the water level in the tank stays exactly as it supposed to, the rinse holes may be clogged. To dredge the rinse hole, you can add lime remover to the overflow drain in order to dissolve mineral buildup.

If the toilet leaks, you are required to determine which part is the culprit first. And then try to fix it. If it can be be fixed, you can consider to replace a new one with water wise fixtures.

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