How to Fix a Leaky Toilet?
2015-08-17 3:48:49 AM

We have written a series of how-to fix articles, including sink faucets.Toilets are comparatively durable among bathroom appliance, but it still involves leaking problems. Have you ever been furious about toilet leaking that runs constantly? A possible way way to advoid leaks is to replace it and add some new water wise fixtures onto it. Today, We will help you diagnose which part is the culprit and try to fix it. One possible cause of the leaking is the unsealed flapper. To test whether the flapper is the culprit, the steps are as followed.Use a sticker to push down the flapper, and wait for whether it could stop. If it stops, the reason for leaking is flapper doesn’t seal well. Replacing helps you solve the problem.

fix toilets

First, shut off the water supply, and flush the toilet to drain out most of the water. Second, twist down the flapper and install a new one according to installation instructions. Finally, hook the flapper chain to make sure there is no gap when the flapper is closed.

If the flapper stops leaking, but the water still runs. You can go ahead to inspect for the fill valve. Lift up the float arm to see whether the water stops running. If the fill valve leaks, the water runs out of the tank, and the water level can never reach up to 1/2 of the tank. So, replacing helps solve the leaking problem.

fix toilets

First, turn off the water supply, flush the toilet to drain out all the water. Second, unscrew the fill valve locknut and remove the old fill valve. Third, install a new fill valve, and remember to make sure the height of the overflow pipe should be lower than the critical level mark that recorded on the fill valve. Adjusting the water level is an essential part of repairing process. Finally attach one end of the new fill tube to fill valve nipple and the other end to angle adapter. In this way, the tube is tightened and will not kink. The toilets are almost fixed, turn on the water supply and test it by flushing the toilet.


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