Group Buy: Worth Waiting To Save $100+?
2015-03-24 9:18:38 PM

group buy


In recent years, group buying websites have become immensely popular and successful due to their extreme discounts. Among the big players are Groupon, DailyDealy, Groupola, Living Social and others. They gradually stepped into our daily lives and influenced our shopping habits.


Group buying sites leverage the power of collective bargaining to provide incredible local deals that offer huge savings for consumers while also promising spectacular sales numbers to participating merchants. And those group buying sites will earn a commission from the sales. It’s a very powerful win-win situation for all 3 parties. However, many customers have learned the disadvantages such as impulse-spending, fraud and unsuccessful deals. And group buying also needs longer time to deliver. So is it worth waiting to save big? (, a reputed home-shopping site in Canada, has conducted an online survey on Facebook for their upcoming Pre-Order group deals. It’s shown that 57% shoppers are willing to wait for 30 days in order to save $100. A surveyee, Marion, said she bought many items through group buying, and as long as she likes that item and it’s not urgently needed, she is willing to pre-order it and “suffer” the 30-day waiting period.


Unlike Marion, many others are reluctant to take that risk. Up to 39% of the surveyees have no patience to do pre-order group buy. They are afraid that they will not get money back after the long waiting period if they don’t get a perfect product. Some say that when they pay, they want to get that purchased item on hand immediately or within a couple of days.


The last group of surveyees only accounted for 4% in the survey make no comment because they think it really depends on product’s type. They may join group buy for home and garden, furniture, outdoor appliances and electrical appliances if the discounts are really attractive. They are certainly not going to wait for daily consumer products.

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