All Aspects of Decorating A Bathroom
2015-07-26 9:52:36 PM

1.   bathroom color
In color matching, color effects are affected by the bathroom walls, flooring, lighting, and other mix components. Cool color floor tiles match with bathroom background, especially when combined with the similar colors wall tiles, such as light gray, white bathtub, creamy white washstand, or pale yellow wall tiles. It can also be a good choice to decorate your bathroom with pure warm color walls such as white, ivory, yellow or rose red walls. With the reflection of soft light, not only broaden your the bathroom space, but also increase the sense of cleanliness. In addition, decorating the bathroom with black and white color can also be a bold and perfect choice. As a plus, green plants add up the sense of vigour.
2.   bathroom ceiling
Bathroom ceiling can be chosen from various materials based on your different needs. If your ceiling is flat, pvc panels, aluminum panels, and plastic aluminum panels are the best choice. However, if your ceiling is vaulted, those softer materials such as waterproof board, soft board, and plastic sheet could not be better.

bathroom design
3.   bathroom lighting and appliances
Soft brightness is sufficient for bathroom lighting, thus incandescent lamp is suitable for general bathroom lighting. But it could be better to install LED light for lighting supplement to increase warm, spacious, and fresh Feeling. In the choice of bathroom lighting appliances, water resistance and safety are two key elements. You can choose the appliance shape based on your own interests, but do not install them at an extremely low position, in case of occurring splashing, collisions or other accidents.
At the same time, pay special attention to bathroom ventilation equipment and appliances. Firstly, affordable ventilation fan can be used as ventilation equipment. Secondly, be careful of gas leakage while using water heater. In addition, the bathroom power switches and sockets must be placed outside the bathroom to prevent electronic power leakage.

bathroom design
4.    bathroom sanitary appliances
Family bathroom usually includes toilets and bathrooms (most families are one), and the bathroom can be divided into three parts: the sanitary area, bathing area and face beauty area. Each area is closely related to but functionally different from the other one.
The preferred thing to choose toilet is to determine toilet outlet ways: horizontal outlet and bottom outlet. If it is the bottom outlet, distance must be measured from the outfall to the wall. Purchasing is based on the toilet size; otherwise even the best toilet is not good anymore. Secondly, the waste outlet performance, flush performance, water conservation and mute are three key elements. Now people are misunderstood that rinse is simply about flushing waste out of the toilet. In fact, “Rinse” contains two meanings. First is to flush out of the toilet. The second is to flush out of the sewage pipes, both of which are necessary. Water conservation and mute toilets are popular among consumers. To purchase toilets, you have to consider toilet waste outlet ways, pipeline location, internal structure and toilet accessories. Currently, Siphon and wash down are two main outlet ways. Siphon is to use the water level difference in overflowing sewage pipes and water sealed height creating a suction sewage; wash down is to use the force to flush the waste at once. There are contradictions between these two, from the aspect of water conservation, wash down is better than siphon, but its sound volume is large. So, find the best combination of the two is the key of your choice. Spotted siphonic toilets on decoraport.

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