FAQ about LED Lighted Mirror
2016-05-10 9:04:16 PM

Q: Will it be the only source of light in a bathroom?

A: No. We do not recommend using a LED Mirror as the only source of light in a bathroom. 
We recommend having overhead lighting in addition to Lighted Mirrors to create ideal conditions.

Q: Can I install my mirror in a walk-in closet? 

A: Yes you can! You can install the mirror in the bathroom, walk-in closet, above a bedroom dresser, hallway, in an office setting, hair salon, and restaurant or retail store. Many ways you can implement an LED Mirror in your home or business.

Q: Are your mirrors in stock?

A: Most of the mirrors are in stock.


Q: What is dispatch time frame?

A: All mirrors are shipped within 2 business days of order date.

Q: Can I track my mirror?

A: Yes, once shipped and processed – you can track your order on-line with the tracking number emailed to you.


Q: Can I install my mirror without a technician?

A: Yes, you can. Installing these LED mirrors doesn’t require a lot of effort but if you are likely to bring changes in space where you want to install mirror, better to use an electrician.

Q: Is the Installation materials come with the mirror?                                                                      A: Yes, the installation manual is provided and put inside the box, and explains clearly how to install the mirror. 

Q: How does the On/Off IR Sensor work?

A: Touching the IR Sensor switch is enough to turn the lights on and off.

Warranty & Returns:

Q: What is your warranty? What does it cover?

A: All our LED Mirrors comes with warranty the life for LED mirror has granted 50,000 hours.

Q: What if I receive a damaged mirror?

A: If you receive a damaged mirror, please make a claim by email.
We require that you send us pictures of the damaged mirror. 
We need the following: 
1) One close-up picture of the damaged mirror.
2) One picture of the whole mirror.                                                                                         

Please email us with your pictures and order details to customer.usa@decoraport.com for USA.

Q: Can I return a mirror and get a refund?

A: If your mirror is not installed yet and still you have the original box you can return but in this case you will be responsible for shipping charges.

Q: How long do LED lights last? Are they easily replaceable?

A: Our LED Mirrors last approx 50,000 Hours and yes you can replace the LED strips.

Q: Can I see some photos how to install my LED mirror?                                                       

A: Yes here are some pictures which clearly shows how to wire LED mirror. 

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Linda Powell

posted on 2020-04-05 12:44:01 PM
I bought a mirror from you 18 months ago and the touch turn on switch is not working any longer. Can you send me a new switch that can be installed?

Amarilys OHallorans

posted on 2020-02-20 2:58:56 PM
Why does the clock function has numbers running into the 27:00 ? is that military time ?

Harry Long

posted on 2019-09-04 6:37:57 PM
How do you install bottom brackets on Medicine cabinet NS168-G.
Top was EZ
NO instruction with cabinet.

Manuel Zurita

posted on 2019-03-27 6:25:47 PM
Can the led mirror be hung vertically? 40 “ or even 60 “ tall and 18 or 24 “ wide?

Bonnie Jacobson

posted on 2019-02-08 9:42:38 PM
Can this led mirror be turned into a dimmable mirror? Can there be extra functions add a to the mirror like
antifog, clock,, Bluetooth, white/warm lightning and temperature? If so what would the total be for all
these functions? Thank you...Bonnie.

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