Customer Referral Program

1. Every customer have one unique referral code.

2.The referral code can only be applied to your friends’ order, not your own order.

3.Share it with your friends. When they input the code in their shopping cart , they will enjoy a 5% extra rebate of the order (excluding tax and shipping) and you will receive a 5% per referred client.

Example: Your friend makes an order of 800$ (excluding tax and shipping). His/her order will be 760$ and you will get 40$ reward. Your reward will go to your credit card/PayPal. You can monitor your Referral Rewards from your account.

4. If a product return occurs , it will be reduced from the order value. The referral reward will be (order value-return value)*5%.

5. The referral reward deadline is 35 days after the order make.

6. The referral reward payment will be paid to your credit card or PayPal you made. If there is no payment information, we will contact you.

7. If you have any questions about our referral system, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-861-7989.

8. Decoraport International Ltd is the final authority as to the interpretation of all rules, regulations, terms, conditions, restrictions and benefits of the Program as outlined in this agreement.

9. Referral code activation. The referral code will be activated once the referrer has placed an online order. If not activated, the code is not valid for rebates and rewards.

10. Invalid referral. If the order information is the same or similar to the referrer’s information, it will be considered as an invalid referral and no referral reward or rebate will be applied.