The Lighted Mirrors as Both a Functional and Decorative Object
2016-12-13 1:27:40 AM


Lighted mirrors in the house have advanced largely from mere function to both functional and decorative depending on the location and how you intend to use it. Lighted up Mirrors tend to have a very impressive artistic expression when used properly. In our modern day houses decorative mirrors add extra life to the space in which it is located, either in a living room, bathroom, or bedroom.

We will not fully understand the concept of led lighted mirror as a functional and decorative object without getting a full run down of the types of mirrors that are available these days. These led lighted mirrors come in different types, sizes and shapes and they all have one or two wonderful effect which they give to a living space. They include; LED mirrors, backlit mirrors, infinity mirrors, vanity mirrors, non-illuminated mirrors, heated demister mirror.

LED Mirrors: these mirrors are mostly used in the bathroom, this type of bathroom mirror has a special effect which makes the use of the mirror awesome. LED bulbs which are attached to the mirror give an additional lighting to the bathroom, and at the same time it beautifies the bathroom with its colorful light. These LED mirrors are powerful and are still energy conserving compared to the normal bathroom bulbs which attracts high electricity bill. Also you can avoid the electrical bill completely if the LED mirror you have is the battery powered type.

Backlit Mirrors: these mirrors can be a LED or Fluorescent mirror. They are both popular and they are called backlit mirrors because light bulbs are placed behind the bathroom mirror to give it a wonderful glow. These backlit mirrors make shaving and applying make up a lot better because the light behind it shines sufficiently through the mirror which is teamed with etched glass. These mirrors have a way of giving you a warm feeling when you enter a room where it is placed.

Infinity Mirrors: this mirror was introduced into the market some years back and it serves for the purpose of decoration. The mirror is unlike the backlit mirror but also has a little similarity to it. Inside the mirror you will notice a series of unending LED light placed at an angle, this effect is one of a kind. This mirror certainly got swag, and it gives the room a different look entirely. The mirror has been designed specifically for beautification so it does not serve the major function of a mirror because it is not reflective enough. 

Heated Demister Mirrors: this is a major step up in terms of bathroom mirror design because most normal bathroom mirror like the non-illuminated mirror and the vanity mirror tend to be blurred when there is so much steam in the bathroom. This mirrors primary design is to make sure you do not experience such when you have clouds of steam in the bathroom. The mirror is designed with a thin demisting heat pad which is located at the back of the mirror and this heat pad helps in controlling the steam from gathering on the mirror.

Non-Illuminated Mirrors: they are basically mirrors of the old, the type we know originally. These are mirrors that do not have any light source on them and they function mainly for makeup and shaving in a properly lighted room. It could be used also for beautification through the use of well designed and carved frames.

Vanity Mirrors: these mirrors are found mostly in the front passenger sit of a car and it is used for making up. When the vanity mirror is used in the house especially in the bathroom it comes with an extendable scissor arm that enables it to be moved to positions of need. The vanity Mirror is designed with different degrees of magnification and this makes it the best type of bathroom mirror when you need to take a very close look at a part of the body.

All the light up mirror listed above have their different decorative effect in the rooms where they are found. We all know the function of these mirrors already but it takes a keen eye and a passion for interior decoration to effectively succeed in decorating your living space with any of these mirrors.

If you are trying to decorate a small room like a bathroom for instance, you may choose to use a combination of the vanity mirror and the LED mirror to give the room a feeling of being larger than it is originally. You could also decide to use any of the lighted  mirrors as a focus point in a living room especially the infinity mirror. Since the backlit mirror is not really reflective it will present itself as a fine piece of decoration anywhere it is placed in the living room.

For large spaces like halls, any of these led lighted mirrors can be used in an alternating sequence or used at the edges of the walls with different sizes of the led lighted mirror all over the wall. For a plain wall the mirrors can be used to form a single shape with different smaller sizes of the mirror.  In all it is fair to say that we cannot use an led lighted mirror nowadays for solely functional purposes.

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