Full Disclosure: Why the White and gold (Black and Blue) Dress Drive the World Go Crazy?
2015-03-13 3:25:00 AM

This is the dress that drives the world go crazy. What color can you see?

the dress

The team jersey of Inter Milan is black and blue, but nobody recognizes it as other colors.

team jersey

In these days, nearly all the media all over the world are discussing the dress, including many mainstream news media like Washington Post, Time, etc. There are lots of websites even posting a poll, which reveals the result that the majority of viewers support white and gold. Some experts tested this specially, reaching a conclusion that the right color of the dress is black and blue, and those who can see the black and blue dress are more sensitive to color than those who can see the white and gold dress.


Meanwhile, the way the dress is captured on camera is also very important in this debate. In accordance with Science Daily, humans are born with something called color constancy, that is to say, color is more easily identifiable when you are in bright or dull lighting, but if the lighting is colored, things will change.


Therefore, since the photo is taken in blue lighting, it may cause the blue in the dress to reflect a white color. And though the dress is actually black and blue, yet it may appear to be white and gold for some viewers with the influence of the colored lighting. And maybe that’s the reason why nobody misperceives the team jersey of Inter Milan.

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