Add Water Wise Fixtures into Bathroom
2015-08-12 8:48:51 PM

Bathroom consumes the largest amount of water compared to other areas at home. When you are taking shower without worrying about water cut off, have you ever thought that there is someone having no water to drink in other parts of the world? You can easily help them and save your own utility bills as well by adding some wise features to your bathroom.

Locate the transformation area

Before making any changes to your original bathroom, first find out which area wastes the most water. The most suspicious culprits usually are toilets, sink faucets and showerheads. There is one thing for sure that leaks waste more water.



To check whether the toilets leaks, you can simply drop four to five food coloring drops into toilet tank, and then wait for 20 to 30 minutes to see whether the water in toilet bowl changes color. If the color changes, there is a leak. And vice versa, if the water is clear, there is no leak. Dual flush toilets are more efficient. When you are going to flush, you have two options. One is for liquid waste that costs less water. The other one is for solid waste that costs more water. It’s easy to make the conversion from regular toilet to dual flush toilet by simply installing a kit. Another option to save water is to install greywater system, which is a new way to apply recycled water instead of fresh water to flush the waste.

Shower heads

shower head

Many people enjoy taking shower with high pressure shower head. I agree with the opinions that high pressure hits on your skin has the function to clear your mind. However, it’s a hidden fact that low flow showerhead can do the same thing with a matched aerator. You do not need to narrow your options because water flow can be adjusted into different styles with different aerators.


Although it is not common used at our homes, considering on its capacity, the bathtub is still a potential wasting danger. The only way to save water on bathtubs is to reduce its amount capacity. This way neither cuts down showering pleasure, nor wastes too much water.

Sink faucets

sink faucets

If you fail to fix your leaky sink faucet, you may consider replace it with a water wise one. The first method is applying laminar flow technology, which produces dozens of parallel streams of water instead of condensing them in a single one, and thus reducing the water flow. The technology is applicable because it can be simply added to an existing device without replacing a new one. The second method is to match the original sink faucet with an aerator, which reduces water flow but keeps water pressure by supplementing air to the water.

Finally, I would like to introduce you a simple idea to choose bathroom water wise accessories. When you are shopping, keep an eye on WaterSense label, which released by a program that cooperated with Environmental Protection Agency to announce the produce is water efficient.

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