KOHLER Musical Shower Panel
2015-08-02 11:47:46 PM

This post continues a series of posts that introduce intelligent shower panels, from which I believe the therapy shower and sshower must impress you a lot. Different from those healthy shower panels, today I am going to introduce you a musical one.

In recent years, a growing number of young people like to listen to music while taking showers. Inspired by such phenomenon, classic American brand KOHLER designed IDEA awarded products –Moxie musical showerhead. Moxie is the first showerhead that combines music into shower, which can be synchronized with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and thus boost user experience degree.

shower panel

The Moxie design of this extraordinary musical showerhead can play music, news and other music files for up to seven hours, and guarantee the sound quality is good. Its soundproof effect prevents you from hearing any sound of water and lets you enjoy the unrivaled quality sound. This moxie does not occupy space, so it is the most suitable musical shower panel for those families with limited bathroom space. Musical shower head's in-built mini speaker can be easily removed and can also be applied to anywhere to play music, the only thing you need to be aware of is to charge after use.

shower panel
The president of KOHLER Asia Pacific district represented that Moxie musical showerhead is an unique and pioneering product which successfully combines the latest technology with first-class bathing experience. With the help of Moxie, you do not need to worry that listening to music while taking shower would make music player or mobile phone wet. It’s convenient for Moxie to utilize showerhead mounted overhead to blend music into showering.

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