Led Mirror Development
2018-09-28 1:37:17 AM

Decoraport starts Led Mirror selling from 2014. At that time, there are very few led mirror products in North America market. Now, this becomes a popular product in the bathroom for residential or hotel and there are more and more new technologies applied.

Touch control is the first technology applied. People like the touch feeling just like touch control on iphone, this becomes a standard feature for Led mirror. Now, there are more control technologies applied like the infrared sense control. If the customer’s hand is wet, it is often not workable for touch control, but infrared control works very well.

Touch control

Anti-fog is also popularly applied right now. The reason is the bathroom is a wet place with a lot of steam some times. Installing an anti-fog film in the back, it can heat up the mirrorsurface and get rid of the steam. 

Anti-fog Led Mirror

Bluetooth is another popular technology you can see in the market. There is a Bluetooth speaker installed in the back, when you link the speaker with your smart phone, you can switch the phone speaker to Bluetooth speaker. When you sit in the bathtub, enjoying the music in the bathroom, it is quite enjoyable.

Bluetooth Led Mirror

Dimmable is also a choice right now. It means you can adjust the light…

Dimmable Led Mirror

Decoraport is always a leading and professional seller for Led Mirror in North America. They offer the most sizes from 20 in to 84 in. 84 in mirror, that is amazing! They have touch control, infrared control, anti-fog, Bluetooth, and Dimmable, their products cover all the modern technologies you can see in the market. Their products are very popular among the new generation, and over 30 influencers recommend them as the top choice for led mirror.

Now it is the time to refresh your bathroom, just start from a smart and cool led mirror.

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