How to Choose Home Lighting
2015-07-19 9:12:49 PM

1Dining room lightchoose down lights and as well easy to clean

home lighting

Dinner tables require horizontal illumination, so it’s better to choose down lights which strongly illuminate the dining tables below or those can be pulled down when use it. Besides, the position of light fixture is generally set right above the table. And pull-down lamps need to  have a height of between 600 and 700 centimeter above the tables.

Better to use shades with glass, plastic or metal materials which have smooth surface so that they are easy to clean at any time.

One can also create a warmer atmosphere and enhance appetite by using floor lamps and properly collocating wall lamps with warm color to the walls nearby.


2Kitchen lights, bathroom lights and passage lights: choose stainless, damp-proof  and easy-to-clean lights.

home lighting


Light fixtures for kitchen, bathroom and passage don’t need to have too much brightness because one need to consider that moisture and dust,so these places generally use ceiling lamps, because they are easy to clean and good for protecting bulbs.

Kitchen lights have to be installed in the place where can avoid steam and smoke dust, it’s better to use lampshades which made of glass and enamel that easy to scrub and corrosion resistance.

Choose home lighting with warm and soft light for bathroom,also need to consider damp-proof and rust-proof functions.


3Living room lightingtop lights and floor lamps.

home lighting


In a general way, living room lighting is better as chandelier or ceiling lamp of grand and bright. If your room is high, you’d better choose incandescence or large round chandelier, so that it can make your living room look more spacious. But chandelier which all light distribution downwards is not suitable. Instead, upside space should have brightness to shrink the difference between up and down space. And if your room is not high, you can use ceiling lamp with floor lamp to make living room bright and modern. 

The style and color of home lighting should be coordinated with  the furniture living room.


4Reading light: desk lamps and small spotlights.


home lighting


For making the study room bright and soft, it is suitable to choose desk lamp with incandescent bulb. To meet the needs of  work and study, the lamp of desk should be chosen point-blank lamp which has reflect cover. The common illuminant of working or writing lamp is incandescent light or fluorescent light. 

A small spotlight, whose illumination can not only help to identify book titles, but also can hold temperature and prevent books from damping and decaying, can be installed in bookcase.


5Bedroom lighting: mixed-use of all types of lights


home lighting


Bedrooms can be fixed with several kinds of lamps , such as ceiling lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, bedside lamp,etc. Mix using may create a warm atmosphere. 

It can be used wall lamps or floor lamps to replace central top light in room. And the wall lamp with low surface brightness diffuse material lampshade can make bedroom have soft light and good for sleep.

What’s more,  bedroom can be installed one hanging main light in proper place of bedroom and one wall lamp on bedside.

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