Five Creative Innovations of Led Home Lighting
2015-08-02 9:32:38 PM

home lighting

Sliding magnetic suspended LED lamp

Full of the sense of technology and imagination, the sliding magnetic suspended lamp makes full use of magnetic, the top and bottom are the same size disc, one is light controlled base, and the other is LED lamp panel for energy saving and eyes protecting.  Double track streamlined stainless steel lamp holder is both the support for bright circular lamp panel, and the supply cable for LED light source. LED lamp panel can smoothly slide relied on magnetic, and has an unique way to adjust the height and angle of the light. Lamp switch is also designed creative, magnetically pulling metal pellet can adjust different brightness. A great application of magnetic is the innovation of ultra-high-speed magnetic levitation train. As for now, the LED lights have already come into market,  with LED power respectively 10W, 15W, 20W three options.

home lighting

Hand-rubbing multipurpose LED flashlight

The torch shaped LED lights, the same as drilling wood to make fire, are carried out by rubbing the lighting tube to generate electricity by manpower. Handly Flashlight designed by Vincent Gobin is made of  opalescent PC material. Its concave design is especially characteristic, the faster you rub, the more comfortable you will feel. After litting up, the fixed lighting it produced is suitable for outdoor, camping and car-repairing use.

home lighting

Colorful Bamboo-shaped LED lights

The shape of bamboo has shown many times in the creative lighting, bamboo LED lights, bamboo multi-purpose LED lights, bamboo LED flashlights, and so on, from which you can see people’s love for bamboo. The LED light is drawn from the shape of bamboo, plus of various stylish arranged holes makes the unpretentious bamboo shaped light fashionable and dynamic. Built-in color changeable LED lights, the Bamboo shaped led lights become charming when the faint light shines through the hole, so it’s a good idea to hang it at home as a wall lamp. Of course, if you happen to have bamboo around, you might try it yourself, simply combine Led light bar and tube together to build an excellent DIY  light.

home lighting

Glass droplets LED lights

Glass droplets lights are composed of old pipes, hand made glass and LED. The light is in the shape of light blue transparent water droplet, and lighting is entirely controlled by the valve. The moment you turn on a tap, from which the light slowly flows out of it, pure light immediately filled out the room. Made of recycled glass, the Led light is not only environmental but also crystal clear. Designer Tanya Clarke named its own creative lighting Liquid Lights, which not only acts as wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps,  but also serves as a light reminder to call for water saving and water resources protection.

home lighting

 LED fabric droplet light

LED can be applied to modern clothes and fabric as well, today the same technology is going to apply to different shaped lamps. The shape of LED fabric light (Riflessi Light) is drawn from dewdrop on the early morning flowers, and the shell of the light is a transparent water droplet. During the day, the water lens will focus and strengthen outer light, and collect part of the light. At night, the LED fabric at the bottom can produce light,  reflect the light to specular water droplet, and thus create the same sparkling effect as dewdrop.

Users can make free combinations to display specular water droplet on Led fabrics, and each combination will produce different light effects. This type of LED lighting design is also environmental, which could reduce energy consumption. Currently, the LED fabric lamps have already come into market. There are vairous of home lighting for you to choose, first learn the tips of choosing. 

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