How to Choose Shower Panels?
2015-07-30 2:02:34 AM

Types of shower panels

There are three main types of shower panels: hand shower panels, overhead shower panels and side shower panels. Shower panels varies from each other based on different water outflow ways. The most general outflow ways are as followed.
(1) General type: It meets your basic needs for shower. So, it is suitable for simple and quick shower;
(2) Turbine type: water is a concentrated jet of water, when the water hits on your skin, you will feel numb and itchy. So this type of showering can be a good way to refresh your mind.
(3) Massage type: The spray is powerful and pours intermittently so that it can stimulate the body's every acupuncture point.
(4) Strong beam type: The water flow is strong and powerful, which can generate fog effects while colliding, and thus increasing bathing pleasure.

shower panels
A full set of show panel is composed of sprinkler, shower column and hoses. Among them, double sprinkling configuration is more accessible, including an overhead shower panel and a hand shower panel; single sprinkling configuration with a single hand shower panel is not uncommon; Besides overhead shower panels and hand shower panels, luxury shower panels are equipped with one or multiple side shower panels, which can play the role of massaging waist. Overhead shower panel is the most common style with the rounded shape, and there are other shapes such as square and star. Tree branch shower panels have already came into market, click here to learn more.

Purchase of shower panel

Designable shower panels can ensure that each spray hole has the same amount of water outflow, so it’s important to consider the water outflow amount when choosing shower panels. Apart from this, water-saving is another key consideration. Some shower panels use steel ball as valve body, and fitted with temperature regulator, so that they can adjust the amount of  hot water flowing into the mixing tank, and thus hot water can flow quickly and accurately. This type of design saves more than 50% of water than regular show panel.

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1. Tilt the shower panel when selection: If the water flows from the top of the orifice is obviously weak, or even doesn’t flow at all, it demonstrates that the internal design of the shower panel is not good, even fitted with lasing, injection and many other types of water outlet ways, users still may not have access to the general pleasant experience.
2. Look nozzle: pay attention to whether the shower panel is easy to clean or not. The plug of shower outlet is often due to the accumulation of impurities in mesh covers. Long time using without cleaning will inevitably have scale deposition, if you can not clean up in time, some orifices will get clogged. In order to avoid poor water quality caused by blockage of the outlet, a well-designed showerhead often stands out, which makes it easy to clean. Another showerhead is made of silicone material, you can simply clean up the scale with a rag or your hand. Some shower panels have also set up automatic cleanup function for cleaning scale, you can double check when you purchase.

shower panels

3. look at the coating and the spool: In general, the more bright and delicate the shower surface is, the better the coating treatment is. Good spool is made of  high hardness ceramic, which is smooth, wear-resistant, and leaking-resistant. Remember to switch the button on your own when purchasing. If you fell bad, then do not purchase.  
4. The quality of shower accessories will directly affect the degree of comfort.  Other things also require your extra attention. For example, whether the pipes and lift rod are flexible, whether the shower panel hose and steel wire are strong, whether there are ball bearings between the shower panel connections, and whether rotary controller is installed on the riser. After learning the tips for purchasing, take time to purchase your shower panels.


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